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I do have new bikes on the floor, usually priced around $250.00 to $600.00.

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 Putting together a higher end Fuji for a special order.

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Outside the Garage Shop we have our used bikes.

Happy camper Paul Heser gives it 5 stars.


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Mike Stops over to say Hi - He enjoys his new KHS

Jim Kapple enjoys his Schwinn Paramount that was Powder Coated and Writes me a wonderful Email
My Name is James S. KAPPEL. Since 1985/86 I began patronizing the Wonder Lake Bicycle shop. From 1993 the Wonder Lake Bicycle Shop is the only bike shop that I will take my bikes to.
Over the years I have found the Wonder Lake Bike shop to be operated by a owner whom is extremely ethical in his business dealings, as  well as extremely competent in his mechanical ability.
Starting in 1987 I began doing about 99% of my business with Mr Rich Roman. Which included  when I lived many miles away. Currently though I live almost 200 miles away, I prefer taking my bikes to the Wonder Lake Bike shop, because I want things to be done right, and I do not feel like I am being ripped off.  The last time that I did business with a different bike company was in 1993, when I purchased a Schwinn paramount series new from a shop in the Chicago area. ( did this primarily because at the time the Wonder Lake bike shop did not carry new Schwinn products). Shortly after the purchase of this new bike which cost me around $1,500. I had the wonder lake bike shop do a tune up. The Wonder Lake bike shop has a policy of taking care of all adjustments in a season when a tune up is done. Rick Roman discovered that the idiots whom performed the  assembly of the paramount had gouged the fork of the brand new and very expensive bike, though this was eventually taken care of by the Schwinn corporation, I came to the conclusion that Schwinn could care less about me as a customer. Although this was the second new bike that I bought from the Schwinn shop, I will never do business with the Schwinn corporation again.
Over the years Rick Roman has done a complete tune up on my Schwinn Paramount, and most recently done a complete restoration of this bike, including painting and reproduction of the decals. It now looks like a new bicycle. 
I would like to go on record in fully endorsing the Wonder Lake Bike shop. I also give permission for the Wonder Lake Bike Shop to use this letter, and photographs which were taken by Richard Kappel of the Black Schwinn Paramount in his Internet ad.
James S. Kappel

loyal customer